• OPI GELCOLOR Gel Nail Polish LISBON GREASE FIJI Collection Spring Summer 0.5floz

OPI GELCOLOR Gel Nail Polish LISBON GREASE FIJI Collection Spring Summer 0.5flozItem Specifics:This is OPI Gel Color Soak Off Gel LISBON - GREASE - FIJI Collection 2017 Gel Polish 0.5oz/15ml. Colors:LISBON Collection    GC L15 Made It To The Seventh Hill!     GC L16 Lisbon Wants Moor OPI     GC L17 You've Got Nata On Me      GC L18 Tagus In That Selfie!     GC L19 No Turning Back From Pink Street     GC L20 We Seafood and Eat It     GC L21 Now Museum, Now You Don't     GC L22 A Red-Vival City     GC L23 Sun, Sea And Sand In My Pants     GC L24 Closer Than You Might Belem      GC L25 Tile Art To Warm Your Heart      GC L26 Suzi Chases Portu-Geese GREASE Collection     GC G41 Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes      GC G42 Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be      GC G43 Summer Lovin' Having A Blast!     GC G44 Was It All Just A Dream?     GC G45 Teal Me More, Teal Me More      GC G46 Chills Are Multiplying!     GCG47 Frenchie Like To Kiss?     GC G48 Pink Ladies Rule The School     GC G49 Hopelessly Devoted To OPI     GC G50 You're The Shade That I Want     GC G51 Tell Me About It Stud     GC G52 Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!FIJI Collection     GC F80 Two-timing The Zones     GCF81 Living On The Bula-vard !     GC F82 Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon      GC F83 Polly Want A Lacquer      GC F84 Do You Sea What I Sea?      GC F85 Is That A Spear In Your Pocket?      GC F86 I Can Never Hut Up      GC F87 Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic      GC F88 Suzi Without A Paddle      GC F89 Coconuts Over OPI      GC F90 No Tan Lines      GC F91 Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet Peru Collectioc
GC P30 Lima Tell You About This Color
GC P31 Suzi Will Quechua Later! GC P32 Seven Wonders Of OPI GC P33 Alpaca My Bags GC P34 Don't Toot My Flute GC P35 Grandma Kissed A Gaucho GC P36 Machu Peach-u GC P37 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains GC P38 My Solar Clock Is Ticking GC P39 I Love You Just Be-Cusco GC P40 Como Se Llama? GC P41 Yes My Condor Can-Do!   Item Description:OPI Nail Polish is used at professional nail salons all over the United States. OPI Nail Polish is a professional quality nail polish and is very strong and durable.  OPI Nail Polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails.Brand New:You will receive your product brand new. OPI Gel Color Soak Off Gel Iceland Collection 2017 Gel Polish 0.5oz/15ml.Made in USA:All of our OPI products are authentically Made in the USA.No Holiday Shipping:Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping during holidays at this time. If you have an urgent order please leave a message and we'll do our best to work it out to your satisfaction.100% Guarantee:YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR ITEM:If we received your payment you will receive your item or we will make a full refund of your payment.YOU WILL RECEIVE AN AUTHENTIC ITEM:If you have strong proof that your item is not authentic, feel free to message us. All of our products come with an authentication code.YOU WILL RECEIVED THE DESCRIBED ITEM:If your item is broken or not as described and you contact us within 3 days of receiving the item, we will work it until a satisfied conclusion has been reached.Return Policy:Your item may be returned for your money back within 3 days for any of the following reasons:-Defective item-Not as described-DamagedFAQ:If you haven’t received the item within the estimated time:1) Contact your local Postal Office. Give them a call or go there. Your package might be held on there to be claimed for some common reasons such as:-Your address might not be clear.-Your Signature might be needed.2) Contact US:We will file a lost Claim with the Postal Office.3) We will issue a full refund for the item if the item was never reached to the customer as it'is confirmed after the investigation.Questions and Concerns:We are always here to help you with your order, for any questions or concerns please message us before bidding. Your feedback and comments are highly valued and we will address them to the best of our abilities.Thank You for Shopping with us!Be sure to check out our At  Sky_Store_25.  http://www..com/str/skystore25

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OPI GELCOLOR Gel Nail Polish LISBON GREASE FIJI Collection Spring Summer 0.5floz

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